THE EFORUM FACTORY BVBA:The Private Limited Liability Company THE EFORUM FACTORY, located in Zottegem, Belgium.The customer:A private / natural or business (legal) person with whom the EFORUM FACTORY BVBA is or has entered into an Agreement.Agreement:A contract between THE EFORUM FACTORY BVBA and the Customer in which the service (s) supplied by THE EFORUM FACTORY BVBA is delivered to the Customer.Services:The services that have been agreed with Customer in the Agreement, such as: Registering domain names (in collaboration with, Nomeo and other Dns agents); Managing servers of THE EFORUM FACTORY BVBA on which data and software are stored, consulted, edited or transported electronically; Take care of other services as mentioned in the Agreement; To provide physical storage in the EFPUM FACTORY BVBA's PoP space for a client owned by the Customer, with the Customer providing maintenance and system management; Other services as expressly stated in the Agreement.Software:The EFORUM FACTORY BVBA has developed and / or provided scripts, programs that form part of the offered service package.1. General TermsThese Terms and Conditions apply to all offers of THE EFORUM FACTORY BVBA and any legal relationship between THE EFORUM FACTORY BVBA and the Customer.Bids that differ from the provisions contained in the General Terms and Conditions only apply if and in so far as they have been agreed in writing with THE EFORUM FACTORY BVBA in writing and accepted by THE EFORUM FACTORY BVBA as such.In all cases where an Agreement with Customer ends, these Terms and Conditions shall govern relations between parties in so far as this is necessary for the settlement of that Agreement.THE EFORUM FACTORY BVBA is entitled to unilaterally change these terms and conditions. Changes also apply to agreements already entered into. Changes will be made in one month after publication or specified date by written notice or a notice on the EFORUM FACTORY BVBA web pages. If Customer does not wish to accept changes to the General Terms and Conditions, until the date of entry into force of the changes, the Customer has the right to terminate the Agreement by registered letter on the date on which the amended terms become effective. After the date of entry into force, Customer is deemed to have accepted the changes - implicitly -.2. Offers and the conclusion of an AgreementAll offers made by THE EFORUM FACTORY BVBA are free of obligation. THE EFORUM FACTORY BVBA has withdrawn the right to tender. Tenders, unless otherwise stated in the tender, have a validity period of up to 14 days from the date stated in the tender. The quotation is based on the information provided by the Customer at all times.The Agreement will be made upon payment by the Customer of an invoice that relates (wholly or partly) to this Agreement. Upon payment, Customer agrees to the Terms and Conditions.As long as there is no physical connection or, in case of a Domain Name Request, an allocation and / or delivery of other services and products that THE EFORUM FACTORY BVBA delivers to the Customer, THE EFORUM FACTORY BVBA can still withdraw its offer after acceptance. . If there is no signed written version of the Agreement, the information on the fact (s) relating to the Agreement and the Customer will be paid shall be (s).3. The AgreementTermThe duration of a Domain Registration Agreement depends on the requested extension. Unless otherwise stated in the Agreement, an agreement for all other products and / or services of THE EFORUM FACTORY BVBA is entered into for the duration of 12 months. Upon expiry of a period, tacit renewal will take place for the same period, subject to timely termination by the Customer or by the EFORUM FACTORY BVBA as described in article 3b.TerminationTermination of an Agreement by the Customer shall take place at least one calendar month before the end of the agreed term. THE EFORUM FACTORY BVBA has the right to terminate the Agreement at any time in writing or by e-mail, with a notice period of a calendar month to be observed. Cancellation by Customer can only be done in writing by registered mail, with the date of the postmark valid as the date of cancellation. If the Customer does not use the services for a continuous period of at least four months, THE EFORUM FACTORY BVBA is entitled to terminate a connection without further notice immediately.


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